Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar for the 22nd of August 2019:

34th calendar week, 234th day of the year

Still 131 days to the end of the year

Astrological sign Leo

Nameday: Sigfrid


2018 - Due to the extreme drought, affected farmers should receive state aid of up to 340 million euros. Crop losses are threatening existentially around 10,000 farms.

2012 - The energy giant Russia joins the World Trade Organization (WTO) around 18 years after its application for membership and after tough negotiations. Among other things, Russia commits itself to opening its markets more strongly.

2007 - The Federal Cabinet concludes the reform of private bankruptcy submitted by Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries (SPD). It should point the way out of the debt trap for about 77,000 insolvent consumers.

2004 - In Oslo, gunmen rob the paintings "The Scream" and "Madonna" by the Norwegian Edvard Munch (1863-1944) from a museum. In 2006 the two works of art will be found again.

1996 - The Hamburg district court condemns the US neo-Nazi Gary Lauck to incitement and incitement to racial hatred to four years imprisonment.

1964 - For the first time, the BBC broadcasts the program "Match of the Day", comparable to the ARD "Sportschau".

1933 - The Reichsstand of the German industry (RStDI) prescribes the Hitler salute in the enterprises.

1909 - The first International Flight Week begins in the French city of Reims. During the event, Frenchmen Louis Blériot, Hubert Latham and Henri Farman set several speed records.

1485 - Heinrich Tudor from the House of Lancaster ended by his victory over the English King Richard III. the "Rose Wars" between the houses of Lancaster and York.


1979 - Jennifer Finnigan (40), Canadian actress (series "Rich and Beautiful")

1954 - Peter Schaar (65), German politician and economist (Alliance 90 / The Greens), Federal Data Protection Commissioner 2003-2013

1949 - Christoph Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein (70), German agricultural engineer, board member of the Glücksburg Castle Foundation

1944 - Peter Hofmann, German opera tenor and rock singer ("Love Me Tender"), d. 2010

1933 - Irmtraud Morgner, German writer ("Amanda - A Witch Novel"), d. 1990


2011 - Loriot, German author, director ("Ödipussi", "Papa ante portas") and cartoonist, b. 1923

1981 - Glauber Rocha, Brazilian film director ("Land in Trance"), co-founder of the "Cinema novo", b. 1938