Hong Kong Situation Foreign Minister of China, Japan and South Korea, August 22 4:06

As the foreign ministers meeting of the three countries of Japan, China and South Korea was held in Beijing, the foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea expressed their concerns about the situation in Hong Kong. “Each country should support the Hong Kong government's response and take an objective and fair position,” he said.

In Hong Kong, fierce protests continued over the proposed amendments to the ordinance that would allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China. In Shenzhen, China, adjacent armed police under the command of the Chinese army It is believed that there is an aim to gather and control protests.

Under these circumstances, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Foreign Minister Kono and Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa, who are visiting Beijing at the meeting of foreign ministers in Japan, China, and South Korea, held on the 21st, are in Hong Kong. Is that they have expressed concern.

On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yong stressed that “The problem of Hong Kong is the Chinese domestic politics and does not allow the interference of external forces”.

Also, “It is understandable that some countries are worried about the safety of companies and citizens in Hong Kong due to extreme violence,” said the turmoil in Hong Kong was due to extreme protests by some demonstrators. Stressed.

On top of that, Japan and Korea expressed their concerns, saying, “Each country should support the Hong Kong government to stop violence and take an objective and fair position”.

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