In the summer of 2009, Rebecka is 14 years old. She has noticed that a man has often visited her profile on the then popular site Bilddagboken. She gets curious and adds him as a friend.

They start writing to each other and soon the man, who is then in his 20s, comes with sexual invitations. He asks Rebecka for nude pictures and also sends a picture of his own genitals.

- I sat in my girl's room at my mother's house and plugged in his Spanish homework while he could write to me if I was horny, if I wanted to come home to him on some holiday and that we would fuck the whole weekend, says Rebecka.

The man knows that Rebecka is only 14, she has said to him several times.

- He wanted me to send a picture of my wet pussy. I was 14 and I had just discovered my sexuality, what should I send a picture of?

Fits five clubs as coach

Rebecka has never been active in handball. But the man is, at the same time as the crime being committed, a handball coach for a boy's team in Stockholm. He is reported to the police for sexually abusing children under the age of 15, admits the crime and is sentenced just over a year later for sexual assault.

But judgment is not the end of the man's career in youth basketball. In the coming years, he will pass five different clubs as boy and girl coaches in the Stockholm area and judge numerous matches in the Stockholm Handball Federation's youth series.

It will be until autumn 2018 before the verdict becomes aware. Until now, none of the clubs have done any checking of the man's load register, which had shown that he was convicted.

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It is a private person who eventually finds out about the verdict and alerts IFK Tumba, where the man is then girl coach. After the alarm, he is allowed to stop at the club, which says they made checks on the verdict. If the checks were made before or after the alarm, IFK Tumba does not want to answer.

The union did not follow its own policy

But it's not just clubs that have missed out on the man being convicted of sexual assault. The Stockholm Handball Federation is responsible for the man in his role as district judge and already in 2017 they issued a press release that all active should be controlled.

"We have decided that everyone, regardless of position, must present extracts from the load register," chairman Jakob Jansson said.

Still, it takes over a year, until the fall of 2018, before any checks are made - then after they have also been alerted.

"In October 2018, work had begun to include extracts for instructors, district coaches and staff at the office, but unfortunately we had not yet done so for the district judge category," the union writes in an email to Mission Review.

When they find out about the verdict, they turn off the man from all children and youth handball. Then it has been seven years since he was convicted of sexual assault against then 14-year-old Rebecka.

Could continue despite shutdown

But despite the man being suspended, he can apply for two large children's and youth cups in other parts of the country during the winter and spring 2019. On both cups he has been allowed to be a judge in matches where girls and boys aged 10-17 have played.

The convicted man tells Mission Review that the crime happened a long time ago, that he regrets it and that he is today another person. However, he does not want to answer questions about his own responsibility as he continued to train children and young people after the verdict.

Why did you keep searching for kids and youth clubs just considering what you were exposing this 14-year-old to?

- I have no comment, I have no comment on that, he says.

Assignment review report The convicted coach will be sent Wednesday, August 21. You can watch it from 12pm on SVT Play or 8pm on SVT1.