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SPD presidency: The minimal difference


With Potsdam's Klara Geywitz, Olaf Scholz enters the race for the SPD presidency. The leftists of the party are facing a dilemma.

Before it starts, the first defeat threatens. Klara Geywitz, the woman who selected Olaf Scholz as partner for the SPD presidency, applies for the direct mandate in Potsdam-Mitte in the Brandenburg state election on 1 September. She has always won since 2004. But in surveys she is currently up to six points behind the Green candidate. If Geywitz can not turn the trend, she starts on 4 September in the five-week application marathon for the highest post of the SPD as a beaten. That's the one problem. The other, bigger one is: she's like Olaf.

If you wanted to be a little bit angry with Scholz - and there are quite a few in the SPD who want that - then you could say: he was looking for a woman with minimal commitment, who is a little bit different from him.

At first glance, Geywitz is very different from Scholz: she grew up in the east, he in the west; she is 43 years old and has three children, he is 61 and childless; she is inexperienced in federal politics, he has been there for decades. But who knows Geywitz from the Brandenburg state politics, for it is obvious how strong this woman Scholz resembles. Both in their beliefs and in their style. It is center-right iron central - like Scholz. She has a career as a cool, intelligent strategist - a cool, intelligent strategist. She has an ingenious, dry sense of humor that not everyone understands, but rather not the talent to take the hearts of citizens by storm - everything as with him.

Geywitz comes from the only region in Germany, in which the SPD leads the government continuously for 30 years, from Brandenburg just. Here, the Social Democrats still have self-confidence, and here Geywitz shaped her party for years as Secretary General. But anyone who thinks Scholz chose her as a partner because she is a lightweight, is probably wrong. Geywitz is proficient at pounding powerful men. When Brandenburg's SPD Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke canceled his most important reform project two years ago after fierce protests, a district reform, Geywitz threw the post of secretary-general at his feet. Message: You may bow, not me!

The Resolutheit, which is said to the Potsdam, could help to resolve the deficiency, with which the duo Geywitz / Scholz now goes into the presidential race. The other teams of applicants - from Kampmann / Roth to Lauterbach / Scheer and Pistorius / Köpping to Stegner / Schwan - always presented themselves in duet, which meant that the question of eye level did not even arise. Now it was first said: Scholz is looking for a wife. But to be only the woman who is there, because a man who wants to be modern and become something, one at his side needs - this role is guaranteed Geywitz not occupy.

Movement into the candidate field with the Iron-Center-Duo. On the one hand, because in the Scholzin Scholzin model, there are too many Scholz for many left-wing social democrats to accept that. On the other hand, because Scholz skeptics consider the duo to be beatable - but unfortunately not by the left-wing candidates who have come so far. And that's why the pressure on Juso CEO Kevin Kühnert is growing. So far, it has always been whispered, in a duo Lars Klingbeil plus wife Kühnert will compete as Secretary General candidate. But that had done in the moment when Manuela Schwesig the two - as well as many others - a rejection.

80,000 jusos, a fifth of all social democrats, plus large parts of the left wing want a SPD leader Scholz not just accept. Your favorite candidate, the real anti-Scholz Kühnert, will not stand for election despite the pressure. Therefore, parts of the left wing now tend to a different plan: We formulate our demands and strengthen those two, the duo Scholz / Geywitz must fear the most - and these are, in the left view, Boris Pistorius and Petra Köpping, the Lower Saxon Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Integration from Dresden. To get to the top, they might need left-wing voices. A counter-sale to mutual benefit.

The project, of course, to the Lower Saxony Minister of the Interior and the Saxon Minister of Integration - he is a kind of mini-Schily, she is a notorious AfD-understander - shows the whole strategic dilemma of the left. Scholz's opponents are so chaotic that in the end they have no choice but to support someone they do not like in order to prevent one they despise. "Then we're just the veto player," says a leading linker. And Kühnert would stay where he already is: on the edge.

Source: zeit

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