Korea GSOMIA continuation problem with Japan Judgment on 22nd or 21:48 on 21st August

Regarding the agreement for sharing and protecting confidential information on security between Japan and South Korea = “GSOMIA”, the Presidential Office of Korea decided to discuss the response at the NSC = National Security Council on the 22nd. It may indicate a decision to continue or not, and trends will be noted.

Cheong Wa Dae will hold a standing committee of the NSC = National Security Council on the afternoon of 22nd to discuss an agreement for sharing and protecting the security information of both countries, GSOMIA. This agreement is extended every year, but if either of them is notified by August 24 every year, the agreement can be abandoned, and Japan decides to exclude Korea from preferential export control countries. In response to this, there have been opinions in Korea that request the cancellation of the agreement. The Korean government has yet to clarify the specific response to the agreement, but a government official told NHK's interview that "I don't know what it will be, but I will make some announcement about the agreement. “We will make a decision,” and revealed that Korea may make a decision as early as the 22nd. Since Japan has called on the Korean side to continue the agreement, the trend of discussions at the NSC in Korea will attract attention.