Sexual assault Pregnancy Fetal stillbirth Inversion acquittal El Salvador Aug 22 7:58

In El Salvador, Central America, where abortion is strictly prohibited by law, the fetus that became pregnant due to sexual assault was killed because of neglect of appropriate consideration. It was redone and a reconciled innocence was given. International human rights organizations stress the significance of the decision as "winning women's rights".

In El Salvador, Central America, where the majority of the population is Christian Catholics, abortion is prohibited even during pregnancy due to sexual assault, and even cases of stillbirth or miscarriage are charged with crime.

Under these circumstances, a local court is guilty of murder for a 21-year-old woman who became pregnant after being sexually assaulted because of negligence.

In response to the ruling, the woman had been serving for nearly three years. However, the Supreme Court ordered the trial to be retried in response to an appeal from the defense, and on the 19th, the court was reversed because the evidence was insufficient. I was sentenced to innocence.

After the verdict, the woman was surrounded by supporters and said, “Justice has been fulfilled. Thanks to everyone who supported me.”

The international human rights organization “Amnesty International” stressed the significance of the judgment as “a victory for women's rights. No woman should be charged with murder for pregnancy and childbirth”. He wants to abolish the law prohibiting abortion.