Witnesses who SVT talked to said that they observed the wanted car in the vicinity of the area near the area where the 80-year-old man disappeared on 3 August.

Johann Kristiansson at the police in Skellefteå tells the Norran newspaper that so far there is no concrete information that the two men have anything to do with the man's disappearance.

- We have indications that the two men were in the Malå area during the morning of August 3.

Refers to testimony

Now the police are appealing for help from the public.

- Therefore, our clear appeal for more testimony is precisely around this day, from the morning onwards. It applies to everything: people, vehicles, bicycles, information you heard - everything is of interest. We are fine with data from August 1 and 2. But it is missing from August 3, continues Johann Kristiansson.

No trace of the man

The 80-year-old man has now been gone for more than two weeks. Police on Monday classified the incident as human trafficking and have for two days searched with dogs in the area where the man disappeared.

"We have no trace of the man and we have no reasonable suspicion of crime," says Malin Axroth, the police's communicator.

On Tuesday, police also conducted a house search of a property of interest and objects and materials were submitted for analysis.