Hong Kong representative of the NPC Managing Committee "Any armed police can do anything, ready" August 21 19:02

As protests against the government continue in Hong Kong, members of a Chinese agency that is determined to dispatch troops to the neighboring Guangdong province, where armed police units under the command of the Chinese military are gathering, He said, “If you are prepared, you can handle anything,” and protested.

In Hong Kong, protests have been ongoing for over two months over a draft amendment to the ordinance that will allow the suspects to be handed over to mainland China.

While there are no prospects for the convergence of the situation, there is an armed police unit under the command of the Chinese army in the neighboring Shenzhen of Guangdong Province.

About this, when armed police dispatched to Hong Kong, attended as a representative of Hong Kong on the 21st, before the regular meeting of the NPC Standing Committee in China, which is supposed to make the decision, begins in Beijing on the 22nd A member of the Sohjong committee responded to Hong Kong media coverage.

In this, Mr. Kang said about the armed police unit gathered in Shenzhen, saying, “If you are prepared, you can respond to anything, I think it is necessary.”

On the other hand, at this Standing Committee, it was recognized that the dispatch of armed police was not on the agenda and that it was unlikely to be dispatched immediately.

* "Sen" = River in the soil