Intra-party procedure for congregation with the nationals August 22 4:09

After the representatives of both the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party agreed to join the denomination, the National Democratic Party held a general affairs meeting and entered into discussions with the Constitutional Democratic Party on the decision-making procedure and management method of the denomination. We confirmed the policy to proceed with the party procedures along the way.

On the 20th, the President of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Edano and the National Democratic Party, Mr. Tamaki agreed to join the denominations at the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives.

In response, the Democratic Party of Japan held a general affairs meeting on the 21st, and representative Tamaki reported the agreement and asked for understanding.

Although attendees said that “there should have been explained to the party before the agreement” or “the name of the denomination needs to be adjusted”, there was no opinion against the congregation of the denomination It is that.

The general affairs committee confirmed the policy of proceeding with the in-party procedures in accordance with the agreement, such as entering into discussions with the Constitutional Democratic Party over the decision-making procedures and management methods as a denomination.

After this, Mr. Tamaki said at the press conference, “There were various adjustment difficulties, but I would like to move forward steadily because of the tension of politics. It is important not to be just a“ return to the Democratic Party ” I want to develop it so that it can be regarded as a reliable political group. "