US Army “Space Force” Aiming to Establish a New Organization for Space Mission Control August 21 10:19

The US military has announced that it will launch a new organization on 29th this month to oversee missions related to space in order to compete with China and Russia, which will accelerate military activities in outer space.

U.S. Army uniform leader, chairman of the Danford Joint Chiefs of Staff, will launch a new U.S. military organization overseeing space-related missions in a conference held in Southern Virginia on the 20th I made it clear.

This organization is an “integrated army” that crosses the boundaries of the military and consolidates the US military command system for space, and is responsible for ballistic missile alerts, satellite operation, and space surveillance activities.

President Danford said that he would “take advantage in the competition in critically important battle areas” regarding the launch of a new organization, and proceeded with the development of weapons that would destroy satellites. Emphasized the attitude against China and Russia to accelerate the process.

During the fiscal year that begins in October, the Trump administration has submitted the necessary bills to the Parliament with the aim of creating the “Space Army” as the sixth army that is equivalent to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, The organization established this time is the first step toward the creation.

However, since the creation of a new army will lead to the expansion of the defense budget and the enlargement of the organization, there are deeply cautious opinions, and it is unclear whether the creation of the space army will proceed smoothly.