Protest rally in Hong Kong to release detained British Consulate General August 22 at 4:18

When a local employee of the British Consulate General in Hong Kong went on a business trip to mainland China, a meeting was held in front of the Consulate General on the 21st in response to being detained by the Chinese police.

Mr. Simon Chen, a Hong Kong citizen, was held by a British consulate general in Hong Kong, and he was unable to contact him on the 8th of this month on a business trip back to Shenzhen *. It was.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed on the 21st that police detained Mr. Chen for security violations.

In Hong Kong, dozens of people, including Chen ’s friends and SNS calls, gathered in front of the consulate general on 21st to declare to the British government to take action to release Chen. I read it out.

After entering the consulate general and handing over a petition to the person in charge, he gave a speech, saying, “Let's help Mr. Chen right now” in front of many gathered Western media.

Mr. Chen's friend who called for a meeting said, “I am very worried about why I was detained. I want to seek help from the international community to release Mr. Chen and keep Hong Kong citizens safe.” It was.

In Hong Kong, the officials of bookstores handling books critical to the Communist Party of China were detained by Chinese authorities four years ago, and there is a growing sense of alertness to China.

* Sen is unevenly river