University students from Japan and Korea interact with each other by beach cleaning Nagato Nagato August 21 15:57

As the relationship between Japan and South Korea deteriorated and exchange projects were suspended and postponed in various places, Korean university students visiting Yamaguchi Prefecture deepened exchanges by cleaning the beach with Japanese university students. .

The exchange business is carried out by private international exchange organizations in Yamaguchi Prefecture every year at this time, and the relations between Japan and Korea are getting worse. From South Korea, Gyeongsang Nam-do, Busan City, etc. 17 university students are visiting.

On the 21st, we visited Nagato City facing the Sea of ​​Japan with 20 local university students and cleaned the beach.

They also collected garbage such as plastic bottles and cans that had fallen on the shore, and pulled out garbage from the sea with a ground net.

There were octopus and tie on the ground-drawing net, and the students deepened their interaction by touching the octopus.

One Korean female university student who participated said, “The political relationship between the two countries is not good, but if the exchange in the private sector deepens, the relationship will also improve. "

A Japanese female university student also said, “It was a good opportunity to enjoy and interact regardless of politics. In winter, we would like to visit Korea and deepen the exchange.”