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The President of the Italian Council, Giuseppe Conte, next to Matteo Salvini, during his address to the Senate on August 20, 2019. REUTERS / Yara Nardi

Decreeing the divorce between the 5-star movement and the League, the president of the Italian Council submitted his resignation Tuesday, August 20. Giuseppe Conte accused the far-right leader Matteo Salvini, who provoked this government crisis, of " irresponsibility ". Long considered non-existent, the resigning Prime Minister has revealed himself in recent days. And if he were called to form a new government?

The speech of Giuseppe Conte before the Senate and his resignation in the wake logically makes the front page of the Italian press. " The last kiss " is the title that bar the first page of La Repubblica , a large left-wing daily newspaper.

Farewell kiss of Giuseppe Conte who made the assessment of his government on Tuesday; kiss Judas too, we could say, because he did not fail to severely scratch the one who was his right arm until yesterday: Matteo Salvini.

La Repubblica has chosen a photo that is found on the front page of several newspapers: the Salvini embracing the cross of a rosary. Conte had just criticized this recovery of religion for political ends.

" The Chigi Palace was a nest of vipers " summarizes the independent daily Il Tempo . " Yellow-green Twilight ", headlines the Catholic newspaper Avvenire .

Mattarella will start consultations

Political calculations are now well under way. This Wednesday, the President of the Republic, Sergio Matarella, must begin his consultations and the press comments extensively on these negotiations.

" A quick agreement between the 5-Star Movement and the Democratic Party or a return to the polls, " summarizes La Stampa , the leading daily newspaper based in Turin. The right-wing press does not hide its concerns about the possible return of Matteo Renzi's party. " A dead Tale is offered to the Democratic Party, " writes La Verità , a journal that supports Matteo Salvini. " The left is coming back " writes Il Giornale with concern.

Throughout this crisis, the path is narrow, says finally one of the editorialists of Corriere della Sera , recalling that the Italian president, who must study all the possibilities of alliance, would like to avoid fast elections that would weaken Italy even more because the budget would not be voted quickly.

Conte has now taken on a new dimension

Paradoxically, despite his resignation, it would not be impossible for Giuseppe Conte to return quickly to business. " Until then, Conte was to spare Di Maio and Salvini and was often considered a" puppet ", it was considered non-existent, " says Giuseppe Bettoni, professor of geopolitics at Tor Vergata University in Rome.

" And in fact," he adds, " he is absolutely existent, but he has just sealed it - if you tell me how to say it - in order to defuse conflicts, " Giuseppe Bettoni analyzes.

According to the academic, this speech by Conte in front of the Senate, allowed him to settle his accounts with Salvini and gave a new scale to the president of the Italian Council.

" There, he was able to let go. And he did it with a certain constitutional and institutional scope, simply recalling what was wrong with the attitude of his Vice-President of the Council of Ministers. And, let's say it - without wanting to do politics - he's right. Salvini has often behaved as he treads the limits of his office, often playing the role of a prime minister . "

Mattarella will do everything to put a new government in place. Especially since there are important necessities. That is to say, if we go to the elections, we will have two-three-four weeks, the maximum, for a budget law. So, knowing that we have had the greatest difficulty in making this budget law, if elections are held and Salvini becomes prime minister, it will be very difficult to make a budget that is acceptable to Brussels.

Giuseppe Bettoni, Professor of Geopolitics at Tor Vergata University in Rome. 21/08/2019 - by Murielle Paradon Listen