IAEA Amano Secretary General's Memorial Service Austria August 22 4:03

Ambassadors from various countries where the memorial service of IAEA, Secretary General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Secretary General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, was held in Vienna, Austria last month, praised Amano's achievements.

Mr. Noya Amano, IAEA Secretary General, died at the age of 72 on the 18th of the month while being treated for illness.

On the 21st in Vienna, where the IAEA headquarters is located, Amano's memorial service was held, and his wife, Mrs. Koka, other ambassadors and government officials attended over 900 people.

At the memorial service, following the accident at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Mr. Amano has promoted measures to strengthen the safety of the nuclear power plant and has developed the spread of cancer radiotherapy in the field of peaceful use of nuclear power. The achievements during his tenure in developing countries were introduced in the video.

In addition, Ambassador Mitsuru Kitano of Japan said, “Mr. Amano gained the trust of countries with different interests by being committed to professionalism and sticking to his beliefs,” said the interests of each country over nuclear development in Iran. In the face of conflict, I praised the teaching skills that were used in difficult tasks.

The IAEA will close the notification of candidates on the 5th of next month for the election of the next secretary-general and aims to be appointed by the board of directors in October.