• The body of the French hiker Simon Gautier has been recovered. Controversy over delays in rescue operations
  • After Simon Gautier's case, thousands download the 'Where are U' app from 112
  • Salerno, Sis 118: "Italy in absurd delay on geolocation calls"
  • Simon Gautier died almost immediately: the broken leg would have broken the artery
  • The video of the recovery of the lifeless body of Simon Gautier: "He had left the marked path"
  • Recovered body of the French excursionist who died in Cilento
  • Lost French tourist: solidarity race, many volunteers for Simon Gautier
  • Also planes and drones to find Simon Gautier. The mother of the missing hiker: "Help me"


21 August 2019 Simon Gautier died following a haemorrhagic shock due to rupture of the femoral artery. It emerged from the autopsy on the body of the French tourist performed today in the hospital of Sapri (Salerno).

Fractures exposed and composed to both lower limbs and tissue laceration were found. The hemorrhage would have originated from the left leg which had broken main vessels.

Gautier, from the moment of the fall, would have been alive for a maximum of 45 minutes