A half-century-old letter arrives in the US from the former Soviet Union


The 86-year-old Russian man of the sender knows that a letter that was "throwed" into the sea in the former Soviet era has flowed to the United States after half a century because of the contribution of SNS Is taken with surprises and surprises.

This letter was found in a green jar this month by a nearby man who had settled on the coast of western Alaska, USA.

Because the text was in Russian, the man sought information from SNS and spread on the net, and the letter says "Please let me know if you find this bottle." However, only the address of Vladivostok was given for information about the sender.

Later, Russian state-run television followed up and identified the sender as an 86-year-old Russian man. In 1969 during the former Soviet era, this man put a letter from a ship on board as a sailor into a bottle and thrown it into the Far East.

The man who confirmed the letter that arrived in the United States with a photograph was talking in a surprised manner, "I didn't think it would reach this far."

It is accepted on the Internet with events and surprises unique to the current era that the sender knew about the existence of a letter that he had written half a century ago because of posting to SNS.