When the Christian Democrats' party leader Ebba Busch Thor met Social Minister Lena Hallengren in SVT's Aktuellt to debate the growing problem of lack of senior housing, the tone quickly became harsh.

- You cannot assume that we have reduced the number of elderly housing places for a long time. Under the previous government, 10,000 seats disappeared. It takes a long time to recover, said Lena Hallengren.

- I'm tired of the explanations, it wasn't perfect in our time either and I know how difficult this is. I will never demand that it be perfect, but the Social Democrats have to stop sounding like you just took over, replied Ebba Busch Thor.

Pointed to tax cuts

Lena Hallengren said that it is a question of resources for welfare, for staff costs and investment support for the construction, and that there is a need also for more social housing and senior housing.

Busch Thor then pointed out that S has no plan for how to require municipalities to build what they have legal requirements to do, which KD wants to solve with a performance-based elderly housing billion.

Lena Hallengren then took up KD's tax cuts.

- If you cut the tax by 140 billion and you reduce the number of elderly housing places by 10,000 in eight years under the bourgeois government, then it is clear that it will take time.

"What you have to offer Sweden: Queue"

The Minister of Social Affairs also spoke about the 20 welfare millions promised by S during the term of office:

- Had Ebba Busch Thor been able to resist the temptation before Christmas to introduce a sixth job tax deduction then maybe we would have had 20 billions of elderly people to stand here and discuss, it must have been something.

Busch Thor responded by pointing out that S has cut down on some of M + KD's budget initiatives on more open forms of care:

- And it is also here that you are the minister responsible for the queues in Sweden right now. That's what you have to offer Sweden. Queue for medical care, queue for elderly people's place - and just a huge lump in the stomach.

Criticized Busch Thor's time as a municipal council

Hallengren responded quickly:

- But since you in opposition have a very high tone, we can talk about what it looked like in Uppsala when you ruled for four years, when you had almost the longest queues in the country so that it was fined. It's easy to stand and scream in opposition, but I take it very seriously.

Ebba Busch Thor responded to the attack by criticizing Lena Hallengren's "way of coping with a declining elderly housing crisis".

- If it is uncomfortable that I sound a little annoyed, I can say it very calmly: You betray Sweden's elderly in this way.