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The Hong Kong opposition refuses any dialogue with Carrie Lam until it withdraws its extradition bill to China from Hong Kong nationals. REUTERS / Willy Kurniawan

For the Civilian Front for Human Rights, which calls for the complete withdrawal of a controversial draft law on extradition to China, the head of the executive has made no concrete gesture to restore confidence.

With our special correspondent in Hong Kong, Aabla Jounaïdi

It's no. The Civilian Front for Human Rights, which has repeatedly rallied a million people in the street against government policy, will not respond to Carrie Lam's call, because she does not answer herself to one of the first demands: the withdrawal of the controversial draft law on extraditions.

" It would only take him a minute to do it, and it would please a million people," said Bonnie Leung, vice-president of the Civilian Front for Human Rights. I'm not saying that it will be enough to extinguish any challenge, because this million actually has five claims. But that would be a start. The negotiation will begin when we see this gesture, a beginning of that sincerity that she keeps on talking about. "

A call for a new mobilization

For the Front, today there are only words that do not weigh heavily. In 2014 already, the one who was the number two of the government had participated in the political maneuver of the executive to extinguish the previous major protest movement.

" They called pro-Beijing politicians to participate and to speak. The leaders came, listened, talked about their big projects and left, without taking into account the voice and the opinion of the people. This kind of consultation is for the show, "says Bonnie Leung.

In the absence of dialogue, the Civil Front for Human Rights is therefore reminiscent of mobilization in the street. Next big date on August 31st.