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The use of $ 15 million in Congolese state coffers worries the Inspectorate General of Finance. The sum was taken from another larger amount: $ 100 million in compensation paid to oil distributors after the freeze at the pump.

That $ 15 million is the 15% of the compensation that the tankers had to recover. This sum is referred to as a haircut, a kind of withholding tax whose particular justification is unknown.

This money was paid mainly into an account opened in a private bank, Rawbank, on behalf of the Petroleum Products Price Monitoring Committee. And this at the request of the Congolese Minister of Economy. The money was withdrawn within two weeks, in several installments.

Why was $ 15 million taken from what was owed to the tankers? Why was this sum paid into the account of a private bank? And what did she serve? On this last point, no answer. Financial inspectors did not obtain proof of withdrawals.

Who is accountable for this expense? At this point, the inspectors consider that it is the adviser in charge of financial matters at the Ministry of Economy, Georges Yamba Ngoie.

This transfer of $ 15 million into a private account is denounced by the same finance inspectors. For them, it is an " irregularity that is not in the interest of the Treasury ". The report of the Finance Inspectorate was sent on July 31 to the Attorney General for a thorough investigation.

" A common, regular practice "

Asked by RFI, one of the presidential spokespersons disputes the validity of the report. First on the form: he believes that the presidential advisor who commissioned it was not legitimate to do so.

The spokesperson also disputes the criticisms addressed. To make a levy of 15% on the amount paid to oil tankers is, in his words, a " common practice, regular, in a particular economy like that of the DRC ".

Finally, this sum was intended to finance the major work of the president, said the spokesman who repeats that there was no irregularity.

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