This is the very first time the Data Inspectorate is issuing a charge for violating the rules of the GDPR Data Protection Regulation since the new EU rules came into force in May last year.

The face recognition trial was underway for a few weeks at Anderstorpsskolan in Skellefteå and 22 pupils were affected. Each time the students entered the classroom, they were recognized by a camera, which meant that the teacher did not have to make any notes about attendance.

The High School Board in Skellefteå has stated that the students' consent has been used to use face recognition for attendance control. But the Data Protection Inspectorate considers that the trial involves handling sensitive personal data in violation of the Data Protection Regulation.

"The High School Board in Skellefteå has violated several of the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation in a way that we now issue a penalty fee," says Lena Lindgren Schelin, Director General of the Data Inspectorate.

- Facial recognition technology is in its infancy, but development is fast. We therefore see a great need to create clarity about what applies to all actors, says Lena Lindgren Schelin.

Skellefteå municipality has just been notified.

- I haven't been aware of it. I just got the decision and am going to get into it now, says Felicia Lundmark (S) chair of the high school board.