A tanker loaded with Iranian oil bound for Syria will stop in Dubai for refueling, in violation of US sanctions against the Syrian regime, Fox News quoted intelligence sources as saying.

The sources told the channel that the tanker, named "Bonita Queen", was loaded on August 2, about 600 thousand barrels on the island of Kharj, Iran.

The sources pointed out that the tanker will unload its cargo in two Syrian ships carrying the name of "Kader" and "Jasmine" in the Mediterranean after its departure from Dubai on a journey takes months, where it will pass the Horn of Africa to the Mediterranean.

According to Fox News, the transfer would be a further violation of sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department in March.

The US State Department on Monday warned the international community not to help the Iranians smuggle oil, after the release of the tanker "Grace 1" detained by the British authorities in the coast of Gibraltar.

A ministry official said any aid to the tanker would be seen as support for Iran's Revolutionary Guards, which Washington has listed as a terrorist organization.