The United States has warned Greece of the possible consequences if an Iranian supertanker receives help there. According to an official at the US Department of Foreign Affairs, that could be seen as support for a terror organization.

The source says that the tanker of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which the US sees as a terrorist organization, assisted by bringing crude oil to Syria. Washington is said to have approached the Greek government and ports on the Mediterranean. The vessel now appears to be en route to Kalamata in Greece.

The United States had to watch with sadness how the authorities in Gibraltar let the supertanker go, despite the verdict of a US court. He had ordered to seize the ship.

The tanker was named Grace 1, but has since been renamed Adrian Darya 1. The ship was confiscated at Gibraltar in early July because it would transport crude oil to Syria and thereby violate European sanctions. Iran later promised that the cargo would not be brought to Syria.