US Secretary of State "Iran is a Terrorist" Request for UN participation in the United Nations August 21 7:22


US Secretary of State Pompeio said in a discussion of the United Nations Security Council over the Middle East that "Iran is promoting terrorism in various parts of the Middle East" I asked for participation again.

The UN Security Council held a discussion on the theme of peace and stability in the Middle East on the 20th, and Secretary of State Pompeio attended from the United States.

In this, Secretary Pompeio stated that Iran last month raised uranium enrichment beyond the limits set by the nuclear agreement and also captured British tankers.

“Iran continues to foster terrorism and anxiety throughout the Middle East, including Iraq and Syria. The Middle East needs more cooperation than ever,” he accused. On top of that, we welcomed the participation of the United Kingdom and Bahrain regarding the voluntary coalition in the Holmes Strait of the Middle East, which Japan is also seeking to participate in. I called.

In addition, we asked each country to attend a working group that was set up at the international conference on safety in the Middle East hosted by the US in February.

The debate continues and representatives from each country give their opinions.

There are many countries, such as France, that are cautious about voluntary alliances, but the Trump administration intends to build an international siege network against Iran and increase pressure.