U.S. President urges self-control over Kashmir issue August 20, 12:51 on Pakistan, India


While India's tensions over the Kashmir region, where India competes for territorial rights with Pakistan, U.S. President Trump sought talks with Prime Minister Modi in India and Prime Minister Khan in Pakistan, calling on both sides to work to relieve tension. .

In the Kashmir region, where India and Pakistan compete for territorial rights, the Indian government abolished its autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir, which is dominated by Muslims, on the 6th of this month, while the Pakistani government demanded that this decision be canceled promptly. , Tension is growing.

President Trump talked with Indian Prime Minister Modi on the 19th, according to the White House, President Trump said it was important to ease tensions between India and Pakistan and maintain regional peace That is.

On the other hand, according to the Indian Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Modi said, “It is important to create an environment free from terrorism and violence,” and asked for an understanding of the abolition of autonomy. In addition, President Trump urged both India and Pakistan to restrain themselves by making a phone call with Pakistan's Prime Minister Khan and reaffirming the need to avoid growing tensions.

As President Trump, while maintaining his relationship with India, which is strengthening his ties with the economy and security, he hopes to avoid the deterioration of his relationship with Pakistan in order to obtain cooperation in response to Afghanistan. You can see that you are struggling.