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Today the communications of Conte in the Senate. Di Maio: word to the Hill


Today is a key day for the Government crisis. At 2.30 pm the conference of the group leaders, then at 3 pm the communications from Conte to the Senate

  • M5s, Fraccaro: agreement with Renzi and Boschi? Buffalo
  • Salvini: any government will come out will be an agreement for the armchair
  • M5s: Salvini is no longer a credible interlocutor
  • Salvini: a defeated government for the Italians
  • Salvini: any government will come out will be an agreement for the armchair
  • Salvini: without elections you sit at the table and work
  • Government crisis, M5S: "Salvini chooses Berlusconi but he also snubs him"
  • M5s, Di Maio premier? Fake news, we don't want seats
  • Government crisis, Salvini: "On August 20 we will challenge Prime Minister Conte"
  • Mistrust in Conte, Pd-M5s agreement and Salvini defeat postponed


20 August 2019After the intervention of the premier the debate will begin and the vote on resolutions could be reached. However, Conte could play ahead and announce his intention to resign directly. However, an unknown factor remains: if Conte announces his resignation already in the Chamber or will simply go to the Quirinale immediately after. It would be immediate to start consultations on Wednesday. On the other hand, it is unlikely that the prime minister will ask for a vote of confidence in the House: in this case, in fact, he would give Salvini the chance to confirm his confidence in the government that would further complicate the executive's situation.

Di Maio relies on Mattarela
The Deputy Prime Minister M5s and political leader of the M5s in Montecitorio deals with the joint assembly of the parliamentary groups of the Movement. "I have seen that some are already making proposals in the press on openings to other political forces - Luigi Di Maio would have said in the M5s assembly -. In my opinion it is profoundly wrong. We must rely on the President of the Republic and on the institutional path he will outline" .

"Salvini has increased the level of attack on us, he needs to talk about us to make news, he is desperate. I hope the Lega will open a debate on the disaster he has accomplished in a few days and in total autonomy Salvini": He would have said . "What I ask you to share today is first and foremost full confidence in the speech that Giuseppe Conte will make. Giuseppe does not deserve to be treated as he is these days. Nor to be accused of secret plots. He is a man of righteousness who does not I've never seen in anyone. "

And the Economy Minister, Giovanni Tria, met the Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio. According to sources from the MEF, the Treasury holder is carrying out, on his return from vacation and on the eve of days that are fundamental for politics, a series of discussions to take stock of the Italian and international economic situation, from the slowdown in Germany to the risks linked to Brexit and US-China duties.

M5s, Fraccaro: agreement with Renzi and Boschi? Buffalo
"I want to say it clearly: we will not make agreements with Renzi and Boschi, it is the summer hoax that the League is spreading after having brought down the Government. Our goal is to cut 345 parliamentarians, who on August 20 will vote against President Conte the it will do only to prevent the reform. This is the truth ". Minister M5s for Relations with Parliament and Democracy directed by Riccardo Fraccaro writes this on Facebook.

The position is reiterated by Minister Bonafede who writes Facebook: "There is a political force in Italy that has always maintained its coherence and stops the compass on the interest of citizens, not banks or business committees. The M5S does not he will never sit at the table with Renzi and / oBoschi ". "The question is not personal: the country still needs a change that is totally incompatible with certain names. It is a delicate moment for the country. Now it's enough with the hoaxes, we are serious, please. Thank you", he concludes.

The M5s yesterday seems to have definitively closed the door to reconciliation. Salvini, who yesterday called the possible M5s-Pd government a "scam", returns to the attack: "The emergency is clear: there are dozens of Renzian parliamentarians who are terrified of voting".

In the Democratic Party the divisions on the path to be taken remain. The Narareno stresses that "it is groundless to talk about negotiating the government and even taboo for a possible Count bis".

Zingaretti: we wait for Conte, then strong government or vote
"As we have always said: we await the declarations of Conte and the opening of the crisis. At that point we will reaffirm a clear position to the Management of 21: or during the consultations the conditions are met for a strong government and renewal also in the contents or the vote is better ". This was declared by the Secretary of the Pd Nicola Zingaretti.

Renzi: "We are voting against the government"
"Of course yes'". Thus the former secretary of the Democratic Party, Matteo Renzi, in Studio Aperto, replied to those who asked him if he would vote against the Conte government, tomorrow in the Senate, in the event of a possible lack of confidence in the prime minister. "We - he added - We are voting against the Conte-Salvini-Di Maio government that has brought Italy to its knees. We are voting for it to go home. " And to those who ask him if "we" mean the Renzians or the senators of the PD, Renzi replies "we senators of the Democratic Party".

"Salvini against me in Florence? It would be welcome"
The former PD secretary then challenges the leader of the League. "If Salvini wanted to stand in Florence against me, he would be welcome. Waiting for an electoral confrontation in Florence or Milan he could agree to make a comparison on TV".

Source: rainews

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