The very image of the world exhibition itself is otherwise the exhibition in Paris 1889 when the main building was the Eiffel Tower. From the beginning, the World Exhibition was a place to showcase industrial and technological advances, grand buildings and culture. In recent years, the World Exhibition has increasingly focused on exports and sustainability.

2020, the next world exhibition will be held, this time in Dubai. Sweden will participate with its pavilion The Forest. The budget stands at SEK 178 million, half of which accounts for the business sector.

- The purpose is to increase trade and exports, increase tourism and spread the brand Sweden, says Jessica Bjurström, marketing & communications director at Expo 2020.


The exhibition is underway for six months and 190 countries will participate. The slogans are Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, of which Sweden will participate in Sustainability, ie sustainability. Swedish companies will have the opportunity to showcase their innovations in this area.

- Sweden will be climate neutral, perhaps even climate positive in its construction of the pavilion, says Jessica Bjurström.

Great breakthroughs

This year Dalarna will contribute trees to the construction of the pavilion. But even before, Dalarna has participated with notable elements.

In 1889 in Paris, Anders Zorn won a gold medal for his art and it was around here that his international career took off.

1939 in New York There was an almost 3 meter high valley horse outside Sweden's pavilion. This was the breakthrough for the Dalah horse as a Swedish national symbol. Also in 2010 in Shanghai a large valley horse was included.

World Exhibition in Shanghai - Expo 2010 Photo: SVT / Sergio Albornoz