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The British minister of Brexit, Steve Barclay, has deepened this afternoon in the distancing of the Executive of Boris Johnson with Brussels by ensuring that the United Kingdom will attend less than half of the meetings organized by the European Union from September.

The Government will only send representatives to those in which "matters of great national interest, such as those on security" are discussed, although other issues that will be taken into account will be Brexit, sovereignty, international relations and the economy .

"We lose a great deal of time and effort going to the European Union meetings. The fact of going is just the tip of the iceberg. Our diplomats, who are world-class, spend many hours preparing for them. From now on we will only go to those that really matter, reducing assistance to less than half and saving us hundreds of hours of work, "said the minister.

"This will allow our ministers and officials to have more free time to carry out preparations for our departure on October 31 and to start working on the opportunities that will open thereafter," Barclay explained.

Even so, the Brexit Ministry has assured through a statement that its intention "is not to boycott the operation of the EU" and that, therefore, they will delegate their votes so as not to obstruct the interests of the rest of the 27 , but with its statement it has made it clear that the agency is already working almost exclusively to prepare the country for departure without agreement.

"As members of a State that is leaving the community it makes sense that we free our officials from those meetings so they can focus on our immediate national priorities," a spokesman said.

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