As he noted, this launch indicates that the American side was initially preparing to undermine the INF Treaty.

“As for the test in non-nuclear performance of medium-range missiles by the Americans. This news arrived in time yesterday at the moment of communication of two presidents: Putin and Macron. And just Putin noted that such tests, they once again show that the Americans from the very beginning were working to undermine the INF Treaty, that the Americans were preparing this from the very beginning, ”Peskov said.

Along with this, he stressed that preparing for such tests requires considerable time and it is impossible to organize all this in a few weeks.

“This once again testifies that it was not Russia, but the United States that, by its actions, led to the breakdown of the INF Treaty,” the spokesman for the Russian president concluded.

The U.S. previously tested a cruise missile prohibited by the INF Treaty. This happened about two weeks after the treaty was officially terminated at the initiative of the American side.

The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Foreign Ministry commented on these Pentagon missile tests.

Along with this, military expert Mikhail Khodarenok in an interview with RT indicated that in the 17 days that have passed since the United States left the INF Treaty, it is impossible to create a prototype weapon or prepare test launches. According to him, for such a short time “you can only prepare and approve a test program in higher authorities, and even if you work in two shifts.”