Sources of the island said that the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change agreed on the list of candidates in the sovereign council, after disagreements on some candidates, and also agreed with the military council on the 11th member of the Council.

The list included Aisha Musa of the National Rally Initiative bloc, Mohammed al-Faki Suleiman of the Federal Rally, Siddique Tower of the National Consensus Bloc, Hassan Sheikh Idriss of the Nidaa Sudan bloc, and Mohamed al-Hassan al-Ta'ayushi of the Professional Gathering.

Informed sources told Al Jazeera that the junta and the forces of freedom and change chose Raja Issa Abdul Masih as the 11th member of the Sovereign Council.

The military council has decided to postpone the issuance of the constitutional decree to dissolve the council and the formation of the sovereign council for 48 hours, at the request of the forces of freedom and change.

The military junta and the forces of Sudan's Declaration of Freedom and Change on Saturday finally signed the "Constitutional Declaration" and "Political Declaration" documents on power-sharing structures in the interim period.

The structures of power during the transitional period comprise three councils: the Council of Ministers, the Legislative Council and the Sovereignty Council, which will consist of 11 members, including six civilians and five military personnel. He will be headed by a military for the first 21 months, while a civilian will rule for the remaining 18 months.

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In the meantime, dozens of activists, and some entities gathering Sudanese professionals, a protest in front of the headquarters of the National Umma Party in Omdurman, rejecting what they considered a quota in the selection of candidates for the forces of freedom and change for the sovereign council.

The protest, which demanded transparency and speed in deciding the final list of candidates, coincided with the holding of the Declaration of Freedom and Change forces meeting at the headquarters of the Umma Party, to discuss reconsideration of its list of candidates for the Sovereign Council, following the deadline requested by the Military Council.