Carina Bergfeldt was born and raised in the Goths but now has Washington as a base. This summer she made her debut in Summer in P1 where she candidly told about her upbringing which she says has been characterized by mental abuse.

The episode is so far one of the episodes that most people have listened to this summer and received the most reactions in social media.

- I've had fantastic reactions. Over 3,000 people have contacted me, says Carina Bergfeldt.

"People have been very open"

Many of those who have heard from listening to summer talk have shared their own experiences and relationships.

- Kids have written to me and told me that their dad beat them and that they would now call Bris for the first time, says Carina.

- It was a 16-year-old girl whose psychologist sent the program to her because she wanted her to listen to it because she had a similar upbringing. People have been very open.

Half a year left as US wheat

It has been an eventful time for Carina Bergfeldt. She has found an unknown half brother in the US, she has just got married and is now waiting for the last half year as a correspondent in the USA.

- I've been in the Ovala room with Donald Trump, I've been to the Oscars, I've met people all over the United States. It feels hard to even imagine what to do after that. I have to think about it a little, ”she says.

Until she ends, however, she has little to do with her.

- I've got about 40 out of 50 states. I won't catch all 10 but I'll try to squeeze in Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho. There are a few states that I would very much like to go and do reportage in. Now I just have to find good things to report on in these states.