President Trump, who was blatantly interested in the purchase of Greenland, Denmark, responded by joking around the collage of the Trump Hotel in Greenland.

Trump posted a photo of a Trump International hotel in Las Vegas, USA, in a town on the coast of Greenland, where small primary homes are packed.

Next to the photo, President Trump added, "I promise not to do this to Greenland!"
The original photo posted by President Trump became a hot topic on social media titled 'Greenland 10 years later' after the White House's review of the purchase of Greenland on the 15th.

President Trump later referred to the Greenland purchase as a "large-scale real estate deal" and acknowledged it as "strategic and interesting."

But Prime Minister Kim Kielson's tweets reiterated his refusal to sell Trump's tweets, saying, "No one can decide our problems, and our interests are always our top considerations."

(Photo = Twitter Capture, Getty Images, Yonhap News)