Washington (AFP)

US President Donald Trump came back Monday with humor about his desire to buy Greenland in Denmark, promising not to build a skyscraper on the Arctic island.

"I promise not to do that in Greenland!", Wrote the former real estate mogul in a tweet with a photomontage showing his huge hotel with golden windows of Las Vegas rise in the middle of a landscape bucolic of the Danish territory of 56.000 inhabitants.

Donald Trump confirmed Sunday his interest in Greenland. "The concept came up and I said that strategically, it was certainly interesting," said the billionaire, referring to a "big real estate transaction".

The island, which in 1979 obtained the status of "autonomous territory" of Denmark, is rich in natural resources.

Greenland is "open for business, not for sale," the Greenland government said on Friday after news reports of the former New York businessman's urge.

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