Participation in the UK EU meeting to quit “Preparation for withdrawal” August 21, 8:01


The British government announced that it will cease participation in many EU meetings starting next month, while British Prime Minister Johnson will not break the EU-European Union's stubborn attitude at the end of October.

The British government announced on September 1 that it will stop sending representatives of the government from September 1 at many meetings held by the EU.

In particular, it is determined that it is not necessary to participate in a forum to discuss issues after leaving the EU.

However, it will continue to participate in meetings that lead to important national interests such as security, sovereignty and international relations, and Prime Minister Johnson will also attend the summit.

The Berkeley departure minister commented, “I will only attend meetings that are really necessary in the future. I will not attend more than half of the meetings, so I will use the time saved to prepare for the departure.”

Prime Minister Johnson has not lost his strong attitude to leave the EU at the end of October, regardless of whether he has agreed with the EU since his appointment last month. There seems to be an aim to appeal.