• Proposal of Podemos. Nine tax increases and a table of parties to "dejudicialize" Catalonia
  • Government: The PSOE sees the new proposal of United Podemos "unfeasible" and closes the door to a coalition government
  • Investidura.Unidas Podemos sends a new coalition proposal to the PSOE with "four alternatives"

"We do not deliver free endowments, we negotiate." The refusal of the PSOE to the four coalition government proposals launched on Tuesday by United We can not have diminished the intention of its leader, Pablo Iglesias. With those words in an interview in Antena 3, he has been taxative about the possibility of supporting an investiture of Pedro Sánchez. "It is more important that Spain has a government than the differences between parties," said the secretary general of the 'purple' formation.

To redundant in his proposal, Pablo Iglesias has once again put as an example the coalition governments that his training has with the PSOE in different autonomies: Valencian Community , Aragon , Balearic Islands or La Rioja . "It is much more sensible what the socialist winners have done in the autonomous communities" than what Sanchez intends at the national level, has advised Iglesias, who has accused him of wanting to "monopolize all power and not share it as requested by the polls"

The leader of the purple formation has also reminded Pedro Sánchez that a coalition government "cannot negotiate in 48 hours" and that is why he has asked to "put aside the reproaches" and set out to "negotiate". "When you have not passed the exam in July, it is not normal to go on vacation in August, it is normal to get to work," he reminded him.

Asked about the possibility of supporting an investiture of the acting president to avoid new elections, Iglesias has shunned the issue and has taken full responsibility for the Socialists: "If they want elections that say so directly." Although he also assured that Sanchez "would be wrong if he listened to those who teach him some great surveys."

In addition, Iglesias has also launched a dart to the current Government in operation with the crisis generated with the Open Arms because although he has made a good decision in the end with the Spanish ship "he is always late."

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