I refused to accept rescue refugees. People who couldn't stand up and jumped into the sea on August 21 6:55

Although refugees aiming for Europe from Africa were rescued by NGO ships in the Mediterranean, the Italian side of the destination refused to accept it, so it has been forced to stay on the ship. Some refugees are unable to endure, jump into the sea, try swimming and landing, and there is no way to overcome the refugee problem.

As the refugees and migrants aiming for Europe from Africa have not lost their accidents in the Mediterranean, the rescue ship operated by Spanish NGO has protected about 100 people rescued from boats that are likely to capsize since 1st of this month. The

Although this rescue ship is aimed at Italy, it cannot enter the port because the Italian government refuses to accept refugees, and it has been forced to stay on the ship for about 20 days for a long time.

In the video from the local area, you can see that stress builds up on a narrow ship, and that refugees are crying and angry.

Some NGOs have complained that they are “out of control and hopeless”, with some people trying to jump into the sea wearing life jackets and swim and land.

The Spanish government has announced acceptance of this rescue ship, but refugees aiming for Europe from Africa are continually losing their refugee problems.