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Maduro confirms meetings of his regime with "senior officials" of the United States


The regime of Nicolás Maduro has had "secret meetings" for months with "senior officials" of the US government, confirmed on Tuesday night on Tuesday

  • Dialogue: Trump says his government is in contact with Chavism "at a very high level"
  • Venezuela: Secret contacts between the US and Diosdado Cabello, number two of the Maduro regime

The regime of Nicolás Maduro has had "secret meetings" for months with "senior officials" of the US government, confirmed on Tuesday night the Venezuelan president on state television.

"I confirm that for months there have been contacts of senior officials of the US government of Donald Trump and of the government that I preside under my express authorization, to seek to regularize this conflict," Maduro said, without giving more details about the alleged meetings.

On Sunday, the American agency Associated Press published that the number two of Chavismo and president of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, had begun negotiations with a senior Trump administration official to reach an agreement that would guarantee an exit to the political and economic crisis of the oil country

According to AP, the White House official seeks a second meeting with Cabello and other members of the Maduro circle of power to convince them to accept an electoral agreement, as the United States and more than 50 countries do not recognize the re-election of Maduro as president, for consider it fraudulent, and instead consider that the parliamentary chief, Juan Guaidó, is the president in charge of the oil country.

"If President Donald Trump one day would like to speak seriously and make a plan to regularize this conflict, we are always prepared to talk ... There have been secret meetings, in secret places, with secret people, that nobody should know," he added. Mature.

During a press conference of the ruling Socialist Party at the end of Monday afternoon, Cabello called information about his alleged meeting with a US official "lies" and "manipulations."

The president of the Constituent Assembly reiterated his conditions for such a meeting: "I said that I met with anyone, but with conditions: that the president of the Republic authorizes it, I will not speak for Diosdado Cabello, but for Venezuela and here in Venezuela (...) I meet with the owners of the circus, not with those who work for him. "

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