Monday, August 19th
  • About 1 pm: A stolen moped must be handed out from the police warehouse in the Garrison area to the owner. Explosives are detected in the moped and the National Bomb Guard is alerted. The moped was reported stolen May 26.
  • An area with a 300 meter radius is blocked off.
  • At 17.08: The bomb guard has examined the object and assesses that a smaller area must be evacuated before the explosive charge can be disarmed.
  • About 7 pm: Linköping Municipality has established a so-called security point in the Ryttargård Church for the evacuees.
  • 23:30: Evacuation is expected to be completed. About 170 people have been evacuated from their homes. About 3,000 people are affected by police efforts.
  • At 23.59: The explosion occurs and the police warehouse is leveled with the ground. Nearby buildings are also damaged. No person is injured.
Tuesday, August 20
  • At 01.20: The barriers are reduced and limited to the detonation site.
  • 02.00: Accommodation in the area may return to their homes.
  • 11.00 am: Police hold press conference.