A poll conducted by Emirates Today on its social media Twitter account of 3,000 people showed that 73% of drivers surveyed support requiring people over the age of 70 to undergo a comprehensive medical examination, provided they have a driver's license. This is supported by the medical opinion, because of the exposure of this group to diseases that affect the level of safety of their leadership, while granting this category of driving licenses under the same conditions as for other age groups.

Statistics from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) showed that three people up to 90 years of age have received driving licenses in the past two years, and that the number of people who have obtained driving licenses in the age group above 65 years has reached 318 in 2017 and 2018.

Responding to a question by Emirates Today about the seriousness of driving older people, about 42% of the respondents said that the size of the risk depends on the health status of the driver, while 39% felt that driving people aged 70 years and above is a safety hazard Traffic.

The Dubai Roads have confirmed that driving licenses for this age group are granted in accordance with the conditions applicable to the rest of the age groups, without requiring them certain tests or tests that reveal their health status, and their mental and physical suitability for driving.

For her part, the family medicine specialist, Dr. Rola Al-Badri, told «Emirates Today», that there are many diseases directly related to aging, and that the likelihood of infection doubles year after year, stressing that it is normal to give all age groups the right to A driver's license, but making sure the fitness and health of applying for a license, does not revoke this right.

She added that the average years of human life has increased in recent years, and that at the same time it can be infected at the age of 30 or after the age of 40 of any kind of disease, but there is a scientific fact that the risk of disease doubles with age, especially after the age of 65 Most of them have high blood pressure and 'diabetes' at that age, she said, adding that high blood pressure as well as 'diabetes' doubles the risk of sudden death or heart or stroke, making driving a risk. With these diseases.

People who use insulin because they have diabetes have a sudden drop in their blood sugar levels and consequently loss of consciousness, which poses a serious risk while driving and threatens their lives and those of others.

She explained that this forced some countries to establish a requirement to provide a comprehensive medical examination, for those who want to obtain a driver's license and the age of more than 70 years, and the competent authorities in those countries notify those who have reached the age of 70 years, and have a driver's license, to remind them of the need to renew the driver's license, and provide A medical report proves their fitness and ability to drive safely.

People with chronic diseases, including insulin-treated blood sugar and severe brain damage, should be required to undergo a regular medical check to ensure their condition is stable, and those who have suffered a stroke should be prevented from driving for at least three months.

Al-Badri considered that it is useful for the health record of individuals to be linked to the driver's license system, in order to prevent allowing all persons with a chronic disease to drive, regardless of age group, pointing out that it is possible for anyone to be exposed to a disease that threatens the safety of driving regardless of the number of years of age.

A response from the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) could not be answered as to why the age group was not obliged to conduct a comprehensive medical examination to ensure that it was free of disease.

Procedures for being able to drive

The information published on the UAE Government Portal page indicates that the procedures for being able to drive include:

- Opening a traffic file in one of the driving schools, conducting an examination at one of the centers accredited by the competent authorities, completing all required classes for driving training, and passing the tests determined by the competent authority.