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Count in the Senate: "Government action stops here". But the League withdraws its motion of no confidence


"Salvini has followed personal and party interests," said Giuseppe Conte during a tough speech. Salvini: "I would do everything I did". M5S: "Just resign. Or are you afraid of losing your seat?" Then, the Carroccio announced the withdrawal of the distrust to the premier: "Inconsistent after the opening on the reforms"

  • Salvini: any government will come out will be a pact for the armchair
  • M5s: Salvini is no longer a credible interlocutor
  • Salvini: a defeated government for the Italians
  • Salvini: without elections you sit at the table and work
  • M5s, Di Maio premier? Fake news, we don't want seats
  • Montecitorio, check the banner for Prime Minister Conte: "President Italy loves you!"
  • Today the communications of Conte in the Senate. Di Maio: word to the Hill
  • The crisis in the Senate: Conte speaks and Salvini kisses the rosary
  • Count in the Senate: "Salvini has shown he is pursuing personal and party interests"
  • Giuseppe Conte in the Senate opens the crisis: the complete video of the speech by the President of the Council


20 August 2019

The League withdrew the motion of no confidence in the Senate presented at the time against the Conte government. The Ansa learns from qualified majority sources. A choice, sources from the Carroccio know, dictated by two reasons: the first is that it would make no sense, after hearing the premier announce the resignation. The second because, having opened a window to work together to complete the reforms, it would have been inconsistent to present it before waiting for the Premier's reply.

The news arrives while the debate in the Senate Chamber is still in progress and before Conte does, as announced in the afternoon, a second intervention. In theory, at the end of his reply, the premier should go to the Quirinale to formalize his resignation.

Conte: from immigration to security I don't deny anything
"I do not deny anything of what we have done. It is not in my costume." Giuseppe Conte reply at the end of the debate in the Chamber. He spoke in reference to the criticisms that emerged on the subject of immigration. "I in Europe have brought a political platform on so many points. This government has dealt with the issue in a broad way", explains the premier, "there has been a policy of greater rigor on the assumption that an indiscriminate welcome is equivalent to a non-acceptance". And "on safety I intervened to mediate," he recalls.

Conteal Senate speech
The Hall of Palazzo Madama is full on the day when the fate of the yellow-green government is decided. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte left Palazzo Chigi and arrived punctually at 3pm to make his communications to the Senate. When he arrived in the Chamber he greeted cordially the deputy prime minister and all members of the government. "I asked to intervene to report on the government crisis triggered by statements by the interior minister and leader of one of the two majority forces," the prime minister said in his speech. "We are in the presence of an objectively serious decision, which involves significant consequences for the life of the country". This step "deserves to be clarified in a public debate that allows transparency and accountability on the part of all the protagonists of the crisis. I have guaranteed that this would have been a government experience based on transparency and change and I cannot allow this passage to be consumed by means of confidential meetings, communications issued on the social media or on the street, "said Conte, retracing the stages of the crisis and recalling that on 8 August Salvini informed him that the League was no longer willing to support this government. "Serious decision with significant consequences".

"Salvini has followed personal and party interests"
Salvini has shown "to pursue personal and party interests," the prime minister said. "Salvini - underlined the premier - has disregarded the solemn commitment" that was taken during the formulation of the government contract and showed "poor institutional sensitivity and serious lack of constitutional culture". Opening the crisis in the middle of August "for a government experience judged to be limiting by those who claimed full powers and the decision to postpone until now the decision taken long ago is a gesture of institutional recklessness disrespectful for Parliament and bringing the country into a swirling spiral of political and financial uncertainty ", stressed the premier.

"Government has worked intensely, League has blurred initiatives"
"You have obscured the myriad of initiatives such as the relaunch for the South. I remember for example that we now have only one tariff plan for motorways, the sport reform, the assignment of the Winter Olympics, this is a government that has worked intensely until 'last day other than the government of the no, "said Conte.

"On squares and powers conception of Salvini worries"
"The country urgently needs to be completed measures to foster economic growth and investments. We have prepared various instruments that with this uncertainty may not be valued. Dear Interior Minister, by promoting this government crisis you have taken on a great responsibility in front of the country, I heard you ask for "full powers" and to invoke the squares to your support, this conception of mine worries me ", the prime minister stigmatized.

The Prime Minister in his speech to the Senate also referred to the negotiations with the EU on the role of the European commissioner that belongs to Italy. "Italy runs the risk of participating in this negotiation in conditions of objective weakness", he explained.

"After a debate at the Quirinale to resign"
"The current crisis is jeopardizing the action of this government that stops here. The League's decision to present the no-confidence motion forced me to interrupt this experience of government here. I intend to complete this step in the most linear way: at the end of the debate "I will go to the President of the Republic to resign as President of the Council. Now the President of the Republic will lead the country in this delicate step. I take this opportunity to thank him for the support he has given me." In closing his speech the premier then pointed out: "I have never chased a newspaper title" or the social media, "I never went in search of enemies. When serving the state the sacrifices made are repaid", observed the Prime Minister. "If we try to fulfill the public role with discipline and honor, citizens will also forgive their mistakes," the prime minister added. Then the conclusion: "This assignment has allowed me to get to know Italy, the country I love. Long live our homeland, live Italy".

After the communications, the premier heard the parliamentary debate followed by his reply. Only after Conte will go up to the Hill to resign to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

Disputes and applause
During the speech of Giuseppe Conte the leader of the League Salvini, at his side in the role of deputy premier, took notes, raised his eyebrows. A counter speech, a live commentary on the Prime Minister's words, entrusted to facial expressions and gestures. The League "fails in its solemn commitment at the beginning of the legislature", says Conte. And Salvini raises his eyebrows blatantly. In one of the hardest passages of Prime Minister Salvini's speech he repeatedly kissed a white rosary. And the premier accused him of "religious recklessness" for having "political slogans linked to religious symbols" during the session which confirmed the resignation of the premier.

Then when Conte accused the League of "irresponsibility" and of having "party interests" given to those of the country, open protests arrived from the banks of the Lega that Salvini barely appeased. First with his hand, then with his hands joined in prayer, finally with his thumb as a sign of understanding, addressed to his own. In fact, the senators of the League contested the premier while Conte's words were underlined by applause from the Five Star Movement.

Salvini: "I would do everything I did"
Salvini for the reply is invited to leave the government benches by the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati and begins by saying: "I would do everything I did, with the great strength of being a free man. I am not afraid of the judgment of the Italians, who has fear of the judgment of Italians is not a free man ". Then the Northern League leader continued: "Dangerous, authoritarian? The Saviano on duty was enough for this series of insults, not the prime minister. A Saviano, a Travaglio, a Renzi, not the prime minister", he said, quoting some of the judgments expressed by the prime minister. "I'm sorry I had to put up with it for a year, I didn't realize it, I regret it," he added ironically.

Salvini then raises and to the former allies M5S says: "You quote Saviano, we San GiovannivPaolo II he said and wrote that trust is not obtained by mere declarations or by force but with gestures and concrete facts if you want to complete the reforms we are. If you want to govern with Renzi wishes ... ". And he added: "There are two cases: either there is already a power agreement, legitimate but disrespectful of the will of the Italians, to move forward by changing the jacket, removing that of the League and putting that of the Democratic Party; there is a desire to build and end a virtuous path, the high road is that of the elections. If we want we are there: we cut the parliamentarians and then we vote, and if we want to put a courageous maneuver to cut taxes, we are there " .

On the sidelines of his speech, speaking with the reporters, Salvini then commented: "The doubt that there is someone who for weeks, if not months, was working with the Democratic Party, given the applause in the House today, is legitimate. I disconnected I'm going to go with the government? The plug comes off in Parliament, if President Conte buys his thorn, it is his own choice, if from tomorrow someone is at the table with Renzi, it means that there was a predetermined design ". So Matteo Salvini to the reporters in the Senate. "The League leaves the margin. For weeks they have been saying 'if there is no distrust, parliamentarians are not cut', I am willing to cut them and then proceed to the vote as quickly as possible , between 1 month or between 4 ". Then Salvini left the Senate: "Let me go to the Interior Ministry. I have more important things to take care of, a ship."

M5S, Morra: rosary ostentation in Calabria message to 'ndrangheta
"Matteo Salvini after the 8th of August he made known urbi et orbi that it was necessary to interrupt the experience of government he started a tour, not a pilgrimage, meeting citizens, being challenged, but above all showing off the rosary. Now in the land of Calabria showing off the rosary, turning to the Madonna, where there is the sanctuary to which the 'ndrangheta has decided to surrender means sending messages that statesmen, especially interior ministers, must be careful not to send ". Thus Senator M5s Nicola Morra speaking in the Senate chamber. "But surely it was out of ignorance, so father forgive him because he didn't know what he was doing."

M5S, Salvini resigns and that's it. Or are you afraid of losing an armchair?
"Salvini has already made his choice. Asking to return to the vote, he no longer wants to govern with the M5S. Asking to discourage Conte no longer wants this government. So he resigns, or is he afraid of losing his seat?" This is underlined by sources of the M5S replying to the words of Salvini who proposed to complete the reforms before returning to the vote.

Pd, Renzi: it serves government to avoid increased VAT
"We have never voted in the autumn, we need to avoid the increase in VAT and we need a government not because we want to go back but because the increase in VAT leads to a crisis in consumption, it is not a coup d'├ętat to change the government but a sunstroke to open the crisis now now, this is the Parliament not the Papeete ". Thus stated Senator Pd Matteo Renzi in the Senate. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte "was unexceptionable" today in the Chamber. "We appreciated his words on the institutional style. But we would have preferred him to have spoken them before," said Senator Dem. "We did not appreciate his signature on the Security decree," Renzi said, citing some examples of intolerance and racism in Italy, "the Alabama climate of 1950. We did not create this climate of hatred". While the Northern League leader recalled: "You have made a government with 17% and not with 51%, but the government has failed" and has done so "also out of his responsibility".

Pd, Marcucci yes to dialogue with M5S
"Yes to a confrontation with the fifties, then we'll see if the conditions will be in place to create a government". Thus the group leader Pd Andrea Marcucci leaving the Senate. "There have been some serious errors in these years of government, we certainly want to correct them," he said in reply to journalists about the conditions of an agreement with M5S, "programmatic conditions, in the interest of the country", defined the Renziano Marcucci.

Calenda: Pd direction useless, Renzi decided
"I would say that the Directorate of the Democratic Party of tomorrow is useless. Renzi and Marcucci have already given the party line in the classroom: opening to the 5S. As already happened after the last Directorate. The PD as a unitary party that takes decisions in the organs does not exist anymore ", Carlo Calenda writes on Twitter, predicting a break between the dems.

Zingaretti, I share words Conte but where was he first?
"Everything said about Minister Salvini this afternoon by the President Conte can only be shared. But also attention to the risks of self-absolution. In these 15 months he was the President of the Council, also of the Minister Salvini, and if so many things reported are true because has waited for the mistrust to denounce them? And the list of things done cannot but follow the list of disasters produced in the economy, at work, on growth, on development.This is the real reason of the quagmire in which Italy is over ". This was stated by the secretary of the Pd Nicola Zingaretti.

Fi, Bernini: problems are resolved with the vote
"The quickest and most effective way to solve the problems expressed in your speech by the President of the Council is to go as quickly as possible to the vote". This was said in the Chamber of the House Anna Maria Bernini of Forza Italia in the debate following the communications of the premier. "We must follow and protect the interest of the Italians. The President of the Council spoke to a part of the hemicycle that was supposed to receive messages. And he wants to stay where he is, cloaked with the interest of the country that instead is going to vote", He concludes.

Leu, Grasso, historical duty to try government but not short-term
"Just that Parliament should explore all possibilities" to create a new government, but "Italy does not need an accord and a short-term executive but a government ready to overturn the agenda and work for the everyone's interests ". If that were the case, "then we would have a historical duty to try. Only then would I give that government my convinced vote of confidence". Pietro Grasso (Leu) said this in the Chamber.

Lega senators disputed, "Onesta" applause for M5s
Disputed the group of senators Lega that made entry to Palazzo Madama. Traitors, buffoons, buffoons, sang a group of people gathered in front of the Senate side entrance. "Honesty", they instead shouted to the undersecretary M5s Stefano Buffagni, among the applauses.

Fan of Salvini outside the Senate: Elections immediately
Dozens of Matteo Salvini fans met in front of the main entrance of Palazzo Madama to praise the League, its leader and loudly ask for "elections immediately". Among others the slogans sung, "a captain, there is only one captain", "Matteo, Matteo" and the anthem of Mameli.

Tomorrow conference of the group leaders in the Chamber
Tomorrow at 10.30 am the House group leader was convened, on the agenda communications of the president. It is learned from the press office of Montecitorio. Meanwhile tonight the deputies of the M5s will gather at 9 pm in Montecitorio but the leader of Luigi Di Maio will not attend the meeting.

Source: rainews

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