Peickwitz / Berlin (dpa) - While still puzzling in Berlin, with which tandem colleague the Finance Minister wants to beat the other applicants from the field, Olaf Scholz drives on Tuesday morning with two hp in Brandenburg across the field.

Leisurely, the horse car rumbled by farmer Thomas Domin past fields and tree strips. Again and again Scholz looks at his smartphone and smiles.

A few hours later, the public will learn: Scholz enters with the Brandenburg state parliamentarian Klara Geywitz for the party presidency. And SPD Secretary General Lars Klingbeil declares his absence from a candidacy due to lack of matching competitor. It is possible that these are already the decisive rotations of the application carousel at the SPD - almost two weeks before the end of the application period on 1 September.

In the Brandenburg town of Peickwitz, Scholz enjoys the little break from the hustle and bustle in Berlin. "What trees are you planting here?" He asks the farmer. Next to him is the election campaigner and SPD member of parliament Wolfgang Roick. With a stop at the edge of the field the visitor from the city gets a sneeze.

For Scholz it will be over with the rest quickly. This Wednesday he and Geywitz want to explain their application in Berlin. Before he brings in the Federal Cabinet still his bill for the partial abolition of solos. It is a foretaste of the double burden Scholz would face if he became head of the SPD next to his ministerial office.

Because that would be too much in time, he did not want to compete for a long time. But also the three acting SPD leaders Malu Dreyer, Manuela Schwesig and Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil and Family Minister Franziska Giffey did not want - so Scholz put a U-turn. "The SPD does not do well when it comes across as if nobody dares," he said in an interview.

But Klara Geywitz? A nationwide well-known name does not have the 43-year-old. But in the SPD sat Geywitz more than just fragrance brands - as a member of the major round of negotiations for the black-red coalition agreement 2018. As a duo Scholz / Geywitz West and East represent the older and the younger generation.

But at the same time Scholz embodies for many the party establishment, which is responsible for the demise of the Social Democrats to the current 13-percent survey low. The joint application letter reads very well and balanced, Schulz and Geywitz are committed to social welfare, climate protection, solidarity. "We both stand for democratic confidence."

As is quite certain that Scholz wants to continue to campaign for the survival of the grand coalition. As a SPD leader Scholz would probably also have the first access to the Chancellor candidate. He has repeatedly made it clear that he also trusts this position - even if it does not look like an SPD chancellor for the foreseeable future.

Whether this offer for the SPD basis embodies sufficient departure, should be one of the most exciting questions of the membership decision. More and more applicants are signing up. Lower Saxony's Interior Minister Boris Pistorius and Saxony's Minister of Integration Petra Köpping are given greater opportunities.

Whether there will be further applications - for example from Juso CEO Kevin Kühnert - is open. And the deputies Karl Lauterbach and Nina Scheer proudly announce that they would now be supported by more SPD sub-districts than necessary. "The discussions with the members in the sub-districts have shown that a clear signal in the direction of a left-leaning offer meets with broad approval," says Lauterbach.

Only about a dozen people are waiting for Scholz on a farm in Peickwitz, Brandenburg. The date in the district of Senftenberg is in the SPD event calendar under the heading "Olaf Scholz supports the SPD Brandenburg in the election campaign". It may well be that the SPD gets a new stroke in the election on 1 September. Older women are curious about garden gates. Most residents of the 400-strong community do not know that the Federal Finance Minister is passing by here.

The mayor has come to meet Scholz. Bauer Domin is closer to the CDU. The court cats lazily loll in the sun. In the last voter survey, the AfD in Brandenburg was in first place, the SPD of Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke in third place behind the CDU.

But Scholz does not want to know that - twelve days before the state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony. He says, "I am quite confident that simply because of the very good work that has been done, many will make the cross with Dietmar Woidke and the SPD."

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