US President Donald Trump believes that Russia's accession to the G7 would be "appropriate." He made such a statement during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Johannis.

“We talked about Russia because I was at a lot of G7 summits,” the American president said. “I think it would be more appropriate to have Russia there.”

Trump added that he would support the proposal to return Moscow to the organization if someone spoke with him. Moreover, the very exclusion of Russia from the G8 occurred through the fault of former US President Barack Obama, said Trump. According to him, Russian leader Vladimir Putin “outwitted” his American counterpart.

“I believe that President Obama, because it was Putin who outwitted him, thought that the presence of Russia (in G8. - RT ) is a bad idea,” Trump emphasized. “That shouldn't work like that.”

This statement was made in the light of the imminent G7 summit in France - it will be held in French Biarritz in a few days. The "seven" includes the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan and Canada. Previously, the organization was called G8, then Russia was part of it, but after reunification with Crimea in 2014, which the other members of the organization did not recognize, Moscow was expelled.

At the same time, the question of the return of Russia was raised earlier, including by President Trump. So, at the G7 summit in June 2018, he announced that the Russian Federation “should be at this meeting.”

“Whether you like it or not - and this may be politically incorrect to say - but we need to rule the world. And there is the G7, which was before the G8, ousted Russia - it must return Russia, because we need Russia at the negotiating table, ”he said.

“We are waiting for our partners to visit at any time”

In Russia, it was repeatedly noted that it was not Moscow that left the organization and always advocated participation at any venues where this makes sense. In particular, the issue of Russia's participation in the G7 was raised before the talks between Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron on August 19. The journalist asked if the Russian leader would like to “return” to the G8.

“As for the possible format within the framework of eight states, we never refuse anything. It was Russia’s turn to hold the G8 at one time, and our partners did not come. Please, we are waiting for our partners to visit us at any time within the framework of the Seven, ”Putin replied.

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At the same time, the Russian president noted that there are other organizations that play an important role in world processes.

“For example, twenty.” And there today such large economic players are represented as China, India, and many others. Twenty countries, you all know them well. This is almost 90 percent of the global economy. In this regard, of course, such more full-fledged platforms, today they are, obviously, an objective thing, they play a significant, significant role, and we work actively there, ”Putin emphasized.

Russia is satisfied with the G20 format, and if there are proposals to join the G7, Moscow will consider it, said Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs.

“Russia itself is not asking for anything. If you contact us, the Russian side will consider the feasibility of its participation in the G8. In the meantime, we are quite satisfied with the G20 format, where very serious issues are resolved. Participation in the G8 is not an end in itself for us, Russia now has different priorities, ”he told RT.

According to the senator, the heads of leading world powers understand the role of Russia in resolving international conflicts and its importance in global processes, and therefore, a reassessment of relations with Moscow has recently been taking place.

“The leaders of the leading states understand that it is impossible to do without Russia in the global world. Our country has a very important place in resolving any global conflict and problem, ”Jabarov explained.“ Everyone understands that we are striving for peace. ”

So, before starting negotiations with Putin, Macron emphasized that it is necessary to negotiate with Russia.

“We are two nuclear powers, we are two permanent members of the Security Council. We must be able to agree. Even if we have disagreements on some issues, we must work together, ”said Macron.

However, such statements by Trump can be made within the framework of the election campaign, political analyst Alexander Asafov said. In a conversation with RT, the expert noted that Russia did not lose anything after the exclusion, contacts with the G-7 countries continued, but the organization itself after that became “inferior”.

“Trump, who is part of the campaign with the image of a peacemaker, will make such statements. However, it is not necessary that they end up with some kind of action. One way or another, Russia is cooperating with everyone who is ready for this. Including, and with the participants of the G8. That is, there is no damage to our country. But there is one for the eight, because it is now incomplete and can’t claim the completeness of major world actors, ”the analyst emphasized.