Liberal Democratic Party Kim Jin-tae claims that his brother's former wife, Grandmother, has been divorced four years after his wife's tombstone was engraved.

Mr. Kim held a press conference in the morning of the parliamentary assembly office today (20th). "Cho candidate's father died in July 2013 and was buried in the grave of Mr. Choe in Changnyeong, Gangseo-gu, Busan." ○ 'name was written as it is. "

"If you are divorced after your father-in-law's death, you may ask for a name from your headstone, but if your father-in-law is divorced, there is no such case." "After four years, I'm pleased to answer Mr. Cho as proof that he is a daughter-in-law."

Regarding Kim's argument, Cho said, "Today, a member of the National Assembly visited the grave of the candidate's best friend and took pictures and revealed all the names of his grandson and granddaughter carved into the headstone." I ask you again. "

"The fact that it is different from the truth about the daughter's suspicion of admittance," he said, "I hope that the false fact that the child of the candidate's child has been admitted to the school will not be disseminated anymore.

Earlier, Cho's brother's ex-wife Cho said yesterday (19) that he had divorced with her husband in April 2009, saying, “I didn't have a camouflage divorce.” .

Congressman Kim press conference site, please check the video from the SBS news.

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-ju, Video editing: Moon Ji-hwan)