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Egypt's youth handball team won the World Handball Championship for the first time in its history on Wednesday, as the country's most important and most coveted official football game is in doubt.

Egypt's junior team beat Germany 32-28 in their final match in Macedonia, and this was not the first time that Egyptian handball had achieved superiority. The youth team finished third in the World Championship held last July in Spain. .

It is noteworthy that handball is not the only one that excels in Egypt, as the young women of Egypt were crowned the title of the world championship for squash under 19 years for the seventh consecutive and ninth in the history of the tournament, after defeating the Malaysian players (2-0) after winning the championship. Ladies and women's singles crowned in pure Egyptian finalists.

The Egyptian delegation topped the medal table of the African Games, currently held in Morocco, in the total medals thanks to the achievements of judo players.

Painful comparisons
The social media platforms caught on with the joy of Egyptians with the victory of their national youth team in the World Handball Championship, which diminished the visibility of the comparison between them and football, where Egypt suffered successive breaks, most notably in the last World Cup in Russia, and most recently in the African Nations Cup held in Egypt.

Congratulations to the men of our team, you have honored us, heroes, # World Cup # Handball pic.twitter.com/3OMvZsNbLL

- Amr Diab (@amrdiab) August 18, 2019

To the extent possible say the secret of the superiority of Egyptians in handball than any other ball. Is the hands of the Egyptians more skilled than their feet more precisely strange topic is very important Congratulations to his men Egypt access to the final first non-European team in history up to this stage is not important stayed by hand or foot

- Amr Adib (@Amradib) August 17, 2019

Sports critic Ahmed Saad told Al Jazeera Net that Egypt's repeated success in handball is due to the existence of a strict, clear and successful system for the game, since the late eighties and early nineties, a system that ensures continued success through successive generations of the game.

`` But the results of junior teams in general do not reflect the superiority in the world in the collective games, because of the low interest of major countries in international competition in favor of the first teams, which makes junior teams of countries immersed in football achieve world championships, such as Nigeria in football. ''

Saad asserts that the real achievement of the state is in the first teams of the collective games, but this fact does not reduce the size of the achievement, which amounts to a miracle for the junior team as their own effort, because it was under difficult equations, including the lack of support allocated to the national team and win away from home.

Saad attributes the squash players great achievements to the weakness of international competition, because the game is still in the hobby stage, and has not yet been classified as a professional game, and those who excel depends on his personal abilities and financial potential.

He says that the failure of football is due to the "corruption" of its system, which is busy making private financial gains at the expense of the public. Egyptian football is run by a group of "mafia" for personal gain or for others behind the scenes. Under her eyes and supervision, there is no hope for reform except by getting rid of the controlled mafia and assuming "impartial" leadership for the common good.

World Cup bonus $ 90
Egyptians follow astronomical figures being spent on football and their successive coaches, calling for the dismissal of the Football Association, with some of its members accused of corruption and receiving bribes and commissions, especially in the choices of foreign coaches.

On the other hand, the Egyptians were surprised by the wasteful amounts spent on the teams, the winning players and other successive sports achievements.

The head of Egypt's handball federation, Hisham Nasr, said in remarks carried by several sites and communication pages, that the reward for the crowning of the junior team in the World Championship held in Macedonia, will be 1500 pounds per player ($ 90).

The statement sparked a wave of widespread ridicule, which forced the Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhi to comment on them by saying that the statement of the President of the Federation was wrongly understood, stressing that the players will be honored financially and morally appropriately.

Handball team for juniors take the world championship with limited potential and the reward will not exceed 1500 Egyptian pounds Millions go to the team of football failure
I wish you acted from football and interested in other sports such as squash and handball
As long as you remain unsuccessful for years in the country and have saved her money

- ✍👌3beer 👌✍ (@ Green00_Dream) August 20, 2019

1500 pounds and after tax and deductions and insurance and donations remain 800 pounds and Koch and Trink and a meal from the canteen of the Handball Federation https://t.co/beYyybX8VV

- Beholder ™ ️limit (@ mohelnazer07) August 20, 2019

And who hears, my uncle Salah
Federation handball chanted for 1500 pounds as if they Gabo Cup Republic https://t.co/9LsMTgpadz

- Sami Badeer (@BadeerSami) August 20, 2019

The success of handball does not cancel the failure of football
And a million congratulations to the youth of the Bed and their apparatus and their union

- Mito Sakr (@ t8rymS5f65AxMXc) August 20, 2019

The head of the Egyptian Squash Federation, Assem Khalifa, in press statements that "the innate talent of the Egyptian players behind their superiority and domination of world championships."

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah defended the failure of the Egyptian football team by saying that his preparations for the tournaments were in an inappropriate atmosphere, criticizing the Egyptian Football Association because of the bad atmosphere that accompanied the Egyptian team during the African Cup of Nations last month, and "Pharaohs" out of the final price after They lost to South Africa.

"When I try to say something, I say it on behalf of the players, because they talk to me and say, 'Do this or that if you can,'" Salah said in an interview with CNN.

The singers had attributed the failure of the Egyptian team to deteriorate the behavior of some of its members in a way that is not suitable for players who deal seriously with the readiness of the game, and users of communication sites videos of players during the camp showing them playing inappropriately morally, including the player Amr Warda accused of harassment in one of the models, and compared their positions with the positions of their predecessors The players of the football team nicknamed Al-Sajid, the generation of retired Mohammed Abu Trika.