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A hundred young people outraged by chronic exactions in eastern DRC, gathered Monday, August 19, in front of the presidential palace in Kinshasa. They intended to increase the pressure on President Felix Tshisekedi and remind him of his flagship campaign promise for the territory of Beni, the province of South Kivu and Ituri, provinces in the grip of violence by armed groups for more than twenty years. years.

" Too much is too much, " say the protesters who demand the " personal " involvement of the president. All dressed in black to express their fed up, these demonstrators were also provided with banners. Tears for some, exasperation for others, all have eyes turned to Felix Tshisekedi.

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During his campaign, the president promised to move his headquarters in the east of the country to end the armed groups, which earned him massive votes in the region, recalls Tembos Yotama, deputy of the opposition.

The protesters plan to spend three successive nights in front of the presidential palace. Since the advent of Felix Tshisekedi to power, the surroundings of this palace serve as a crossroads for protests.

We in the East do not need the social, we need peace.

Report in front of the presidential palace in Kinshasa


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