Southeast Asian major countries GDP stagnant US-China trade friction spilled August 20, 4:27

The growth rate of GDP in the six major Southeast Asian countries, especially from April to June, has been sluggish in many countries, such as low exports in Thailand and Singapore where exports have been sluggish. The effects of the global economic slowdown are spreading.

Among the six major Southeast Asian countries, the growth rate of GDP from April to June was Indonesia, which is the largest economy in the region, but only 5.0%, Thailand was up 2.3%, and Singapore was up 0.1% %, Excluding Malaysia, the growth rate decreased or remained flat compared to the previous three months.

Of these, exports in Thailand and Singapore were sluggish due to prolonged US-China trade friction and the slowdown in the global economy, and GDP growth was the first in 4 years and 9 months in Singapore and the first in 10 years in Singapore. In addition to the low level, trade friction in the United States and China also contributed to growth in other countries.

However, Vietnam, where exports to the US were strong, maintained a high growth rate of 6.7%.

In Southeast Asia, the central banks of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia have lowered their policy interest rates one after another to support the economy. Is strengthening.