• Venezuela: Chavismo's last attempt to hit the opposition: convene parliamentarians

The United States has initiated a series of secret contacts with Venezuelan socialist leader Diosdado Cabello , number two of the Nicolás Maduro regime, as a US official has revealed to the AP agency. The same official has revealed that there are several close to the president who try to obtain guarantees that they will not suffer reprisals in case the regime falls.

According to this government source close to US President Donald Trump, the meeting would have occurred last month in Caracas and a second meeting would be organized. It is unknown if Maduro himself is aware of these contacts.

Hair's power in Venezuela has been growing as Maduro's was weakening. However, AP assures that contacts with the US do not seek to raise the president of the National Constituent Assembly , but rather to encourage a possible internal power struggle within the Venezuelan regime itself.

The last attempt of Chavismo: parliamentarians

US contacts with senior officials of the Maduro regime arrive when, stunned by the new sanctions and with one foot out of the negotiation sponsored by Norway, Chavism initiates a counterattack with its almighty Constituent Assembly: suspend parliamentary immunity to four opposition deputies and, according to legislative head Juan Guaidó, he also intends to convene early parliamentary elections, to try to take that space from the opposition.

Following the authorization of the Supreme Court, the judicial arm of the Nicolás Maduro regime, the Constituent has withdrawn immunity to deputies Rafael Guzmán, Juan Pablo García, Tomás Guanipa and José Guerra for alleged crimes such as treason, civil rebellion and conspiracy, for to have supported the self-proclamation of Guaidó as president in charge and, in the case of Guzmán, for allegedly having participated in the failed uprising against Maduro on April 30.

Guaidó warned before if Chavismo attacked the opposition again there would be an escalation of the political conflict, with protests in the street and more international pressure.

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