• The missing French tourist found dead in a ravine


19 August 2019The body of Simon Gautier, the young French hiker who died in Cilento after being thrown into a cliff, was recovered. The body, according to what has been learned, should be transferred first to the port of Scario and then, probably, to the Sapri hospital where the autopsy will be performed.

The delicate operations started at dawn: recovery is made difficult by the steep cliffs that plunge into the sea in the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro, about 200 km south of Naples. The rescuers put the body on a stretcher and made him go down with the help of ropes to a small beach below. From here a lookout from the Coast Guard recovered the body.
"It is good to clarify and deepen some aspects concerning rescue operations, this with respect for family members and all Italians. Together with the prosecutor of Lagonegro we will evaluate the way to go ", said the chief prosecutor of Vallo della Lucania Antonio Ricci, according to reports from" Repubblica Napoli ".

The prosecutor of Vallo della Lucania, competent for the territory, has opened an investigation to understand if there were delays in the rescue for the finding of the young man.