- Car tariffs affect the elderly, families with children and single parents who need to transport children to preschool and activities. It is ordinary people who suffer while the rich can drive their expensive fine electric cars and pay much less in customs.

Björn Revil, who is the first candidate for the People's Action no to more toll money (FNB) in the election to the municipal council in Oslo does not speak the words when he talks about the new - extended - customs system.

- We who live near the center have to pay all the time. Every time we get in the car, we have to drive through a tariff. It gets very expensive.

"It's about money"

According to Björn Revil, his own bill is between two and three thousand SEK a month - even though he does not drive much car.

- There are parents who cannot afford to let the children go on activities and exercises because it is far too expensive to drive them there.

But is it not necessary to reduce car driving given the climate?

- This is not about the climate, it's about money. And Oslo has very clean air to be a big city.

Want to take down the customs cameras

The People's Action no to more toll money sets up eleven municipalities and four county councils in the municipal elections on 9th September. And the party can have real influence.

In a weighting of opinion polls in the six largest cities, FNB stands at just over ten percent. In Bergen, more than 20 percent say they can vote for the party.

What will you do if you gain influence after the election?

- The cameras at the customs are fixed with six screws. We will take down as many as possible.