More and more people in Gran Canaria are being evacuated due to the heavy forest fire on the island. The authorities report that in the meantime eight thousand people have been brought to safety. The fire is still not under control.

3,400 hectares of forest have since been destroyed. There are no reports of injured people, reports the Spanish newspaper El País. The fire broke out on Saturday in Tejeda, a centrally located village, and is rapidly expanding due to high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity.

More than seven hundred firefighters are fighting the fire. In addition, the authorities also deploy 16 aircraft and helicopters. About four hundred firefighters were working during the night from Sunday to Monday.

The Spanish emergency services want to prevent the fire from moving to areas where there are more people. It is feared that the fire will spread to nature reserve Tamadaba, where there are very old pine forests.

Earlier this month a fire broke out in Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands. Then about a thousand people were evacuated. Around 1,500 hectares of nature were then destroyed.


Fire brigade again fights major forest fire in Gran Canaria

Forest fires raged in a mountainous area

The fire rages in the mountainous area in the middle of the Spanish island. The coastal areas, where many tourists are on holiday, have not been affected by natural disasters.

The situation is being monitored, reports a spokesperson for travel organization TUI. "For the time being, the fire has no consequences for our travelers."

Corendon also reports that it is not taking any measures at the moment because travelers are not affected. "The fire is raging in another part of Gran Canaria," emphasizes a company spokesperson.


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