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Miss France is attacked for her weight and she laughs at her 'haters': "Go eat a snack"


Only weeks after the current Miss Universe Catriona Gray suffered numerous attacks due to alleged changes in her body - which even implied rumors of resignation - Miss Franc


Vaimalama Chaves IG

Vaimalama Chaves disregards the criticism of his followers and justifies his weight gain by "all the meals to which he is invited"

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Only weeks after the current Miss Universe Catriona Gray suffered numerous attacks due to alleged changes in her body - which even implied rumors of resignation - Miss France 2019 has once again been a victim of cyber bullying in relation to her weight. However, the beautiful Vaimalama Chaves (24), from Tahiti, is sitting with all her haters , educating about the need to love each other, the importance of self-esteem and, of course, good treatment. What has transformed her into an example for beauty queens, who feel insecure about their appearance. Moreover, Vaimalama is proud to show the fluctuations in its silhouette, to tell that it used to weigh 80 kilos six years ago and ensure that there is nothing wrong with not going to the gym. A positive attitude that defends with nails and teeth. "People like fighting ... and since I like fighting too, I answer," he recently told Télé Star .

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Vaimalama Chaves is today one of the most beautiful women in the world. France thinks so, Tahiti - his homeland - knows it and his 580,000 followers on Instagram take it into account. However, there is a huge number of users of social networks who are dedicated to attack it. Why? Because, supposedly, since his election on December 15, he has gained a couple of kilos, which (for some incomprehensible reason) would tarnish his performance as Miss France or role model. Despite this, Vai, as his neighbors call him, is not willing for anyone to question him for the love he feels for himself. Less people he doesn't know. So in recent months he has decided to fight back, defend himself and announce to the world that he doesn't care what they can say about it. In fact, he just laughed at the same in his last 'post', which already has 75,000 likes and 750 comments.

In a photograph, in which he appears performing an inverted yoga movement, Vaimalama wrote "it is crazy the effect that gravity can have! (I am) with the head down and the pearls (in relation to your breasts) continue well placed! "he wrote. And is that Chaves, who previously served as a 'community manager', is a specialist in responding with humor and irony to those who try to be cruel to her. For example, recently he declared "between being a kind and smiling lady and being a very thin lady, with abs, but frustrated, bitter and hungry, I made my choice," in addition to joking with jocular claims. "Yes, I have curves. And that what? Those who criticize me are jealous and could go to eat a snack instead of pouring their hatred on social networks. (I) I'm savoring my luck," he said, on occasion, as a way of assuming your physical changes.

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"It's true. I've gained a bit of weight since my choice. But ... how could it be otherwise? They invite me every day, at noon and in the afternoon, to wonderful tables (meals)," he explained in the Gala magazine, last March, and then ask with a note of sarcasm: "(But, perhaps) Do you see me going to restaurants with my Tupperware?". In the same way, Vaimalama has decided to respond with absolute patience to those who say that his body should work harder to be able to take one of the most desired crowns to the orb. Although she disagrees. He does not think it necessary to abuse diets - because he says he loves cakes and chocolates. "At least, I have brains. For those who say 'you have to do some gym', well ... (the answer is) no. I won the contest with the body I had": 1.78 centimeters and 70 kilos of weight. On the other hand, the Miss loves to talk about food, although for some it is protocolally incorrect.

In March, on a television show, a presenter asked Chaves what her favorite farm animal was and she, in her traditional style, responded with a mocking smile "it depends on cooking." A phrase that, in addition to "feeding" their 'trolls', caused concern for vegan and vegetarian activists, who also criticized her for eating meat. Although Vaimalama has suffered worse attacks and already knows how to deal with them. Above all, after having experienced bullying because of his "overweight" in adolescence. "At that time, the gossip affected me a lot. But, since then, I have read, thought, matured and I have realized that my happiness cannot depend on the eyes of others. On what people think or say. No you have to let them pass their law! ", he said, after telling - on television and live - his hard experience as a victim of bullying.

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During the election of Miss France, Chaves was honest with the public and said that she had continued a long journey until she was satisfied with her body. "It's something I want to share. Today I have confidence in myself. I accept myself and it is within everyone's reach to do the same. If I can bring hope, it will be a pleasure," he said, and then remember with an interview with AFP that they used to call her " monster". "There were nicknames that particularly bothered me or said as 'you are fat, you are ugly' and when we are in full identity construction, that is not easy. But today I am grateful to have lived that to be stronger," he said, along with Share that your route to your "ideal weight" has included a lot of cardio (without abusing it), practicing your favorite sport, surfing, and, as a consequence, a lot of self-esteem. A recipe that is sure to soon crown her as the most interesting Miss of all. Although Vaimalama is not going to attend Miss Universe.

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